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We design delicious

Madeleine Proust bakes madeleines, financiers, fresh cream cakes and sable cookies daily in small batches with highest quality and natural ingredients. Madeleine Proust can help you celebrate a wedding, birthday party, office event, or any special occasion. Please contact us and our team will make your next event sweeter.

Baked fresh simply delicious

Taste of romance

Most obvious but most difficult, we do not use artificial colorings and flavor enhancers. French finest Valrhona chocolate, Japanese organic matcha, real fresh cream and butter, seasonally selected our Mom would prepare with for her children. You would say, incredible to make all the tastes come through full and unadulterated. But we will never stop to perfect our recipes as wholesome as you can ever imagine. Now inviting you all to savor the experiences when Marcel wrote in his literature, Proustian Moment.